Our guesthouse is located five kilometres from Viseu de Sus in one of the most idyllic valleys of Maramures, the Wine Valley/Valea Vinului. Centrally located, you can easily reach everything and everyone of note from here:

The famous "Mocanita" water valley railway, the even more famous "Funny Cemetery" of Sapanta, traditional wooden churches and wooden gates, as well as quaint villages and monasteries with which Maramures has made a name for itself.
That there is a folk festival or religious celebration in Maramures almost every week can be promised here - without exaggerating.

Apart from the Orthodox Easter and Christmas, the highlights of the annual calendar are clearly the solstice festival "Sanziene", the religious high festival "Assumption of Mary" and the music and dance festival "Hora la Prislop", which is held on a mountain pass.
And the fact that you can walk through a cultural landscape of European rank in the Wine Valley will certainly make you even more curious. Special offers can be found under the heading "Tours" and "Price list".

As far as hiking is concerned, we have a special highlight to offer: I take interested people on a day hike up to Obcina, a Ruthenian mountain settlement hidden "in the brain of the mountains".
Ruthenian mountain farming families who are friends of ours live and work there in the summer. In my film "Obcina" I have most likely already created a memorial to these people and their not easy life.

My documentary film "Obcina"
is the 1st part of the "Ruthenian Trilogy".

Many guests watch this and other films in preparation for their visit and a hike to Obcina.

To order or download on the homepage under "Maramures film archive".