"Ways To The Light"

Comes the end of darkness finally in sight?

EUR 12,- DVD
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Duration: 55 min

100 years after Edison's invention of the light bulb, it also illuminates the last mountain valleys of Southeast Europe - thanks to the iron fist of dictator Enver Hoxha and one of the worst Stalinist regimes of the 20th century. An artistically daring collage of historical film documents, eyewitness accounts and ethnographic material tells a fascinating story between fiction, reality and propaganda.

"Albania's Paths to Light" is an entertaining cinematic parable about faith in progress, technology, development and a better future - from hydroelectric power plants, flooded villages and transformer stations. With expressive contemporary witnesses, the film illuminates a forgotten chapter of communism and the sinister connection between ideology and modernisation, spanning an arc to the post-communist present and the still-present myth of electrification.