"The Third Violin"

Part three of the succesful "Ruthenian Trilogy"
Film about unfulfilled dreams of
talented people

EUR 12,- DVD
EUR 5,- Download the film
Duration: 90 min

Ivan, a Ruthenian mountain farmer, has many talents. On the one hand, he plays several musical instruments, even though his greatest passion doubtlessly pertains to his violins.

On the other hand, he is able to build jew‘s harps virtually out of nothing. But most probably he himself is not aware of his most outstanding talent: He is witty and extremely entertaining – a real cinematic discovery! So the film literally starts close-up to Ivan, who delivers a brilliant and strangely funny performance in his hidden mountain village of Obcina.

After the first two successful parts of the "Ruthenian Trilogy" threads need to be picked up again to outtell the story. With no little worries, we find out that 15 year-old Irina has “shacked up” with her “prince” Gheorghe. Once taken this brave decision, there is more at stake for Irina than for him. New, and quite impressive, Ruthenian characters enter the “stage”: Mihai, who, in spite of his handicap, managed to gain a respected position among the village kids. But what we see then is almost a miracle: Ivan discovers a new talent! This time he spots it not within himself, but in 10 year old Adi.

At the end, all threads converge, and we learn with certain surprise whatthe “Third Violin” is all about. Let this much be said: In spite of all the bitter tears shed over useless deaths Obcina will go on living, and Adi will laugh again!