"Sheep´s Brother"

Happy shepherding year or just
a back-breaking job?

EUR 12,- DVD
EUR 5,- Download the film
Duration: 52 min

Petre, the "Good Shepherd" maintains that he "would have it in their blood". His father and his grandfather had already been shepherds. After the end of communism, he remembered his roots, and has now already in its tenth year in the wine valley dairy successfully. Each spring, trust him to the people around her sheep.

But it is increasingly difficult for Petre to find motivated pastors. He pays well, provides for typical personally shepherd food and fun atmosphere. Petre is a real phenomenon and popular in the area. Though unmarried, he was fully in life.

The movie shows the hardship and the charms of pastoral life and the associated works. More beguilingly atmospheric mitanzusehen are nature shots of the migratory herd. But just as fascinating that the evening milking, the traditional cheese-making and are totally in style, cooking a steaming mamaliga with cheese on the "fire of life".