"The Last Railway Paradise"

Bestseller about the touristic
phenomenon "Wassertalbahn"

EUR 12,- DVD
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Duration: 55 min

Even to people indifferent about the enthusiasm of railway lovers word has spread that in the mountainous area of North-Western Romania, at the heart of a National Park, a veritable railway sensation has survived. To the enjoyment of a growing number of tourists from all over Europe narrow-gauge steam locomotives affectionately called “Mocanita” travel far into one of the most picturesque valleys of Romania.

During this archaic journey passengers may witness not only the hardships, but also the romantic moments of a trip into civilized forms of locomotion of the past.With breath-taking shoots the film reflects the persistent fascination and appeal of this “last railway paradise”. Set in a ravishing nature along a lonesome line of 40 km length the film flashes a winking eye at steam engine fans and “guardians of paradise” alike, a committed team presided by Michael Schneeberger, the Swiss chairman of an association dedicated to the rescue of Romania’s last narrow-gauge railway.

But the film also depicts the hard work of engine drivers and trackmen, thus highlighting several aspects of a tourist phenomenon which, quite unexpectedly, affected the lives of the native population. Effects on nature cannot be foreseen as yet, but even at this early point it is essential to preserve and sustain the old dream of man and nature living in harmony.