"Kid Mountain"

Part two of the succesful "Ruthenian Trilogy".
Shockingly beautiful childhood in Obcina.

EUR 12,- DVD
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Duration: 60 min

If there is talk of wealth in Obcina, the inhabitants are more likely to mean the multitude of their own children. They give the picturesque mountain village its very own sound and know how to enchant us with their fresh childishness. The film follows the predominantly cheerful summertime everyday life of a colourful crowd of children, still burdened by few problems. Nicolae's unfathomable and quiet intensity amazes us just as much as Irina's diligence and beauty inspire us. All the children radiate something very special, so that one is drawn inexorably and as if in a dream by them into their lively life on the mountain. The children cope with the sometimes inexplicable absence of their parents with admirable dedication. They gather and cook their own food, tend cows and sheep and know how to keep themselves imaginatively occupied. The artful use of black and white film material and the texts from the New Testament contrasting the general lightness of the children make the film an unforgettably intense and deeply moving human experience.

"The sensitive, lovingly shot portrayal affords a timeless insight into a small and completely random community of children in a remote village in the Rumanian mountains, providing a universal metaphor for childhood with effective and gentle religious undertones."

The Jury Verdict from the 58th Trento Film Festival