Turmoil of the mind on the wild side of Crete

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Duration: 60 min

“Crete is something apart… Crete is a cradle, an instrument, a vibrating test tube in which a volcanic experiment was carried out.
Crete is capable of silencing one’s mind, of quieten mind’s turmoil.”

(Henry Miller, Colossus)

Kalami is a many-centuries-old mountain village in Crete.
Only a handful of people have remained. In the daytime, they sit in Irini’s café waiting. Into this very special world barges Giorgos, proletarian hero, poet, maybe anarchist. Giorgos represents the raging sea, impetuous life, everything that has always made Crete independent and rebellious. His stage is this café, where everyone has his specific role. We meet Mihalis, who would no comment on anything, but sings surprisingly well, Irini, the café owner, world-wise and tired of life, Polichronis, a giggling granddad who has become a child again, Lefteris, the village spokesman, mentally enriched by poverty, and Vassilis, a strange priest who day by day struggles with the devil. Stylishly framed by their crocheting wives, the daily miracle happens: Giorgos brings more than just a change into their lives - he brings Crete, and … hope.