When a village drowns in sewage sludge,
last origins emerge

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Duration: 66 min

The film "Breadtime" shows sensitive snapshots of the once legendary mountain people of the Motzen. Using the example of the village of Geamana, which tragically and symbolically perished, the inhabitants testify to their powerlessness in a battle that was lost from the beginning.

The "Motzenland" (Romanian: Tara Motilor) is a cultural and ethno-geographical region in the Apuseni Mountains of Transylvania. The region is named after its inhabitants, the Motzen (Romanian moti). The ethnological classification of these Motzes is not certain. In Romania, they are often regarded as direct descendants of the original Dacian population. The glorious history of peasant uprisings and partisan struggles lies long in the past.

Even if new fighting spirit is brewing at the disputed gold mine in Rosia Montana, the "last battle of modern times" that is yet to be won will not play a role in saving the few Motzes living on secluded mountain farms. The film paints an almost summing-up picture of a generation that has become hopeless and has already been laid to rest in its lifetime. Before the last originals will have disappeared, they can be admired once more in this film.